M’sian Student Shocked To See Giant Rat At Zhap Fan Stall In Sg Long

Not the Rat-atouille we wanted.
When eating out, the last thing one would want to see is a potentially disease-infested rodent coming in contact with the food that you’re putting into your mouth.

Unfortunately, this was what a local student witnessed while having a meal of ‘zhap fan’ (economy rice) at a popular stall in Sungai Long.

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Giant rat at zhap fan stall spotted in Sg Long

Taking to Xiaohongshu to share the disgusting discovery, the OP shared a photo of a giant rat taking a sniff at one of the trays containing cooked food.

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Rat at sg long zhap fan stall
Photo via XHS

According to her, the ‘zhap fan’ stall was located at Sungai Long and is a favorite among Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) students thanks to its affordable pricing and location.

However, the presence of the rat may have drastically changed the OP’s once positive impression of the stall.

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After this incident, I don’t think I’ll eat here anymore. The rat climbed on top (of the tray) but the staff aren’t bothered by it and still continue to serve it to customers. What is this?!

The OP also claimed that a friend of hers suffered diarrhea for three days after eating at the stall.

Woman having diarrhea
For illustration purposes only. Photo via Canva

She also shared another photo of her lodging a report with the health authorities in hopes that action will be taken soon.

‘OMG disgusting!’

The post has since elicited horrified reactions from netizens, who were appalled by the sight of rat being near human food.

‘This is too much!’

M'sian student shocked to see giant rat at zhap fan stall in sg long comment 1
Photo via XHS

‘Is the stall owner keeping it as a pet?’

M'sian student shocked to see giant rat at zhap fan stall in sg long comment 2
Photo via XHS

On the other hand, one netizen commented that it was common to see rats and cockroaches at most Malaysian eateries as the general level of hygiene isn’t great overall.

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M'sian student shocked to see giant rat at zhap fan stall in sg long comment 3
Photo via XHS
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