M’sians Slam Gardenia For Selling ‘Kosong’ Bread On Twitter

Emptier than the money in our bank account.

With the Ringgit in a downward spiral and the price of essential items soaring at unprecedented levels, both consumers and manufacturers have no choice but to grit their teeth and save as much as they can.

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While some manufacturers have managed to maintain the quality and quantity, others have resorted to drastically cutting down on ingredients, as in the case with Gardenia.

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‘Screw you, Gardenia!’

In a tweet by wadalisa (@syuhadaa_omar) which has garnered more than 6,000 likes, she posted a photo of a piece of bread with chocolate cream filling she bought from Gardenia.

Unfortunately, there was only a tiny speck of cream in the sea of white bread, leaving her feeling cheated.

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She also used a Malay vulgarity to express how she really felt over the product.

Similar grouses from netizens

In the thread, many netizens also shared how they were given less-than-satisfactory products from Gardenia, such as getting a piece of bread with absolutely no filling inside.

Back in September, Gardenia announced a fresh round of price hikes for 53 of its products due to an increase in the cost of raw materials and transportation.

This was the second price hike to be implemented by the company, where the first price hike took place in 2021 during MCO.


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