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Penang highschool sweethearts’ epic love story which later led to marriage wows netizens

A better love story than Twilight.

BUTTERWORTH – Social media is often the place where we share our notable achievements and personal moments with others. It is also where many couples would post pictures of themselves to commemorate anniversaries too.

Yeefon and jia ning in smk chung ling
Yeefon and Jia Ning in their high school. Photo: Yeefon Koh

A Penang couple named Yeefon Koh & Jia Ning recently shared a lengthy Facebook post depicting their love story which started from their high school days.

The post has since received over 35,000 reactions and 17,000 shares at press time.

It all started from a school transfer to SMK Chung Ling…

Speaking to WeirdKaya, Yeefon said that he and Jia Ning were of the same age and had known each other for over 9 years.

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“It all began when I was transferred to SMK Chung Ling Butterworth, where I first met her.

“Although we were in the same volleyball team, Jia Ning was still in a relationship at that time.”

Yeefon at smk chung ling.
SMK Chung Ling. Photo: Yeefon Koh

The following year, he was told of Jia Ning’s breakup with her boyfriend during a gathering but didn’t give much thought to it.

Her friend later told me that she was interested in me too. In the past, I’d also always go to her class with the excuse of finding my friend.

“But in reality, my main purpose was to chat with her.”

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On May 4, Koh confessed his feelings to Jia Ning as ‘4’ was her favourite number.

Yeefon: We Are Fated to be together

In 2014, the pair graduated from high school and went to the same university as Koh wanted to avoid the pain of a long-distance relationship.

Yeefon and jia ning when they were in utar, kampar.
Photo: Yeefon Koh

I took accounting as my major but I actually hated it. I just wanted to make sure we were in the same university.

Throughout their studies at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman’s (UTAR) Kampar campus, Yeefon recalled how where they did almost everything together.

In fact, Yeefon even passed up the opportunity to have his internship at a Big Four firm as he didn’t want to leave Jia Ning alone in Kampar.

On their graduation day at UTAR, Yeefon soon realised that he had come to see Jia Ning as more than a girlfriend.

The moment we wore the graduation gowns together at UTAR, I knew that she’d be the one wearing a wedding dress too.

Yeefon and jia ning graduated together at utar,kampar.
Yeefon and Jia NIng at UTAR. Photo: Yeefon Koh

Starting a business together

In 2019, Jia Ning decided to pursue full-time job at the company where she did her internship at. However, Koh opted to kickstart his own online business as he was eager to try out new things.

Jia ning's birthday.
Photo: Yeefon Koh

He also told WeirdKaya that despite having a first-class honour degree, he decided not to join an accountancy firm as there were a lot of females there.

Joke aside, but it was one of the factors why I decided not to join accountancy firm…to avoid potential troubles,” he quipped.

Not wanting to let Yeefon fight alone, Jia Ning left her job and worked alongside him, a gesture that he is very grateful for.

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Yeefon: “She said YES!”

Earlier this year, Jia Ning was admitted to the hospital after suffering from the side effects caused by painkillers, which affected her stomach and kidney.

For the next five days, Koh accompanied and took care of her tirelessly.

“I slept at her bedside for five days and never stepped out of the hospital,” he said.

Touched by his commitment, Jia Ning’s mother gave her blessing to allow Yeefon to ask for her hand in marriage.

Upon receiving the news, Jia Ning stunned Yeefon by asking him to prepare a simple marriage proposal, which he promptly did and heard the word he had been waiting for.

She said yes! I never expected the marriage proposal to happen at the hospital too!

From utar to marriage.
Photo: Yeefon Koh

Yeefon also shared that throughout their eight years of being together, they have experienced ups and downs too.

“Our love is not only based on mutual understanding, companionship and tolerance, but also countless night of fighting.”

On May 4, 2021, they decided to tie the knot with their close relatives as witnesses to the auspicious event.

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Such a sweet love story! We wish the couple all the best and a long, happy marriage!


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Cover Images via Yeefon Koh

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