Foreign Worker In M’sia Sends RM4K Of Salary To Family & Keeps Just RM200 For Himself

Not everyone can match his kindness.
In a touching display of selflessness, a foreign worker in Malaysia has captured the hearts of netizens after revealing that he sends nearly all of his monthly earnings back to his family in his home country.

The viral video, which circulated on social media platforms, depicts a construction worker believed to be from Bangladesh, joyfully receiving his hard-earned wages at a construction site in Johor.

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Only RM200 for personal expenses

Despite earning RM4,200 for the month, the man disclosed that he only retains RM200 for his personal expenses.

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Foreign worker earned rm4,200
Screenshot via TikTok/@anuarnazif

In the heartfelt clip shared on the TikTok account @anuarnazif, the worker expressed his unwavering commitment to supporting his family, stating:

“I worked for one month, got RM4,200. This money, anytime now, will be sent to the village, I only have RM200 left. Not enough, all sent to the village. I don’t buy clothes, all (money) sent to the village.”

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This revelation sparked a wave of emotional responses from viewers, with many expressing admiration for the worker’s dedication and sacrifice.

Despite the allure of personal comforts and luxuries, he chooses to prioritise the well-being of his loved ones, ensuring they have sufficient funds for a comfortable life back home.

Netizens flooded the comments section with messages of support and respect for the worker’s noble actions. Some commended his honesty and integrity, while others shared similar experiences of sacrifice and familial devotion.

Netizen comment
Screenshot via TikTok/@anuarnazif

One wrote: “We Malaysians should be grateful that we still have job opportunities compared to those who have to leave their families behind to earn money here.”

Another wrote: “Don’t be surprised that there are many Bangladeshis here. They are the ones we rely on for hard labor because locals are not interested in such work.”

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Watch the full clip here:


Kehidupan di tapak bina.. usaha tawakal rezeki di tangan Allah.. #sireh #fyp #construction #bangla #malaysia

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