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Foreign Tourist Claims M’sian Food Is Bad, Advises Others To Bring Instant Noodles With Them 

However, they did not offer any specific suggestions for improvement.

In a video that has recently gone viral on social media, two foreign tourists who had just arrived in Malaysia expressed significant dissatisfaction with Malaysian cuisine.

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Claims M’sia food ‘not very good’

Labeling the local food as “not very good,” one of the visitors claimed to have lost a considerable amount of weight during their stay due to the unsatisfactory meals.

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Chinese travellers slams malaysia food 2
Screenshot via TikTok/Chaihuatto2

Moreover, the male tourist went as far as advising future visitors to Malaysia to bring their own instant noodles, criticizing even the local instant noodles for lacking in taste.

Chinese travellers slams malaysia food 3
Screenshot via TikTok/Chaihuatto2

Not only is the food in the restaurants here not delicious, but even the instant noodles are not tasty. You might have to bring instant noodles from home that suit your taste.

Throughout the video, while the tourists consistently criticized Malaysian food, they did not offer any specific suggestions for improvement, merely stating their displeasure with the general quality of food available.

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Chinese travellers slams malaysia food 4
Screenshot via TikTok/Chaihuatto2

You may watch the full video here.

Suggest tourists to bring instant noodles

When asked about advice for future travelers to Malaysia, they slightly shifted their tone, attributing their weight loss to the unfamiliarity with local food and suggesting the packing of instant noodles and pickled vegetables as essentials for a visit to Malaysia.

The video quickly sparked outrage among Malaysian netizens, who condemned the tourists’ behavior as inappropriate and disrespectful towards the country’s culture and cuisine.

“The same here, I went to Shanghai last month, and after eating for two days, I just wanted to go home for a proper meal,” one wrote.

Another also suggested the tourists take some time to explore and discover hidden gems in Malaysia.

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