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Dettol Launches Selangkah Lebih, Selangkah Kasih Campaign For This Ramadan

As Muslims eagerly fulfill their duties during the sacred month of Ramadan, the profound connection between cleanliness, spirituality, and the bonds of love within families during this time of fasting is especially significant.

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Dettol launches Selangkah Lebih, Selangkah Kasih Campaign

Recognising the essence and intentions of this blessed time, Dettol, a leading and trusted brand in health and hygiene , is introducing its Selangkah Lebih, Selangkah Kasih  campaign.

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Dettol campaign 1
Sri Sharinnie Rizal, spokesperson for Dettol, explaining ‘Selangkah Lebih, Selangkah Kasih’ campaign embodies the heartfelt ‘niat’ of Dettol, going beyond to shower love and care on consumers during the sacred month of Ramadhan so that they may stay protected and fulfil their religious obligations with peace of mind. Photo provided to WeirdKaya

This meaningful initiative is a gesture of love and support, aiming to go beyond the ordinary to purify both body and soul, ensuring families feel secure as they embrace their religious obligations.

Central to this campaign is Dettol’s commitment to empowering individuals. The goal is to inspire them to take additional steps to safeguard their health and the well-being of their loved ones, while also extending kindness and compassion to the wider community.

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Dettol campaign 2
Encik Abd Malek bin Junin, Head of Masjid Jamek Tengku Abdul Aziz Shah, Kg Sg Penchala expressing his gratitude to Dettol for initiating ‘Selangkah Lebih, Selangkah Kasih’, to urge Muslims to embrace the daily ritual of impeccable hygiene, not merely as a routine but as a profound expression of love, shielding their families and loved ones from harmful germs.

As the number of worshippers attending daily and Tarawih prayers, alongside other religious events, surges, adopting rigorous hygiene practices becomes imperative.

Large congregations amplify the risk of infectious germ transmission, making regular handwashing, sanitising prayer rugs, and cleansing ablution areas crucial measures to curtail the spread of infections.

Dettol donates up to RM100,000 worth of products

In its dedication to raising awareness about the pivotal role of health and hygiene during Ramadan and to ensure that Muslims can safely participate in the profound purpose of Ramadan, Dettol aims to reduce the burden of illness and enable Muslims to fully embrace the spiritual significance of Ramadan.

Dettol campaign 3
Dettol Squad ensuring the hand wash areas around the mosque is clean and germ free, enabling Muslims to practice daily hygiene with love, safeguarding their families and loved ones from harmful germs.

To actualise this commitment, Dettol is donating up to RM100,000 worth of products geared towards overall hygiene, contributing to the maintenance of a clean environment. Additionally, a dedicated Dettol Squad will embark on comprehensive cleaning and disinfection missions at 20 mosques across the Klang Valley.

Their focus includes prayer halls, ablution areas, and communal spaces, with the ultimate goal of creating a pristine, germ-free environment that allows worshippers to practice their faith without health and safety concerns.

Dettol squad
Dettol Squad in action as they sanitise each section of the mosque to protect the community during the blessed month of Ramadan.

Worshippers will also receive essential products and educational leaflets, equipping them to protect themselves and their families during their spiritual renewal.

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Dettol’s endeavours will not only benefit worshippers but will also contribute towards promoting a healthier and cleaner environment, highlighting the brand’s commitment towards making a positive impact on society.

“At Dettol, we believe in the power of hygiene to promote health and well-being. Through our Selangkah Lebih, Selangkah Kasih campaign, we are committed to supporting Muslim communities during Ramadan by providing the necessary resources and education to stay healthy.

Our goal is to create a safe and hygienic environment in mosques, allowing worshippers to fully embrace the fulfilment of Ramadan,” Tiffany Tang, Marketing Director for Health, Malaysia and Singapore for Reckitt said.

In essence, the Selangkah Lebih, Selangkah Kasih campaign embodies the spirit of Ramadan, wherein acts of kindness and compassion intersect with the pursuit of spiritual purity.

By promoting good hygiene practices, Dettol endeavours to facilitate a harmonious balance between physical health and spiritual fulfilment, thereby enriching the Ramadan experience for all.

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