DAP Leader Criticizes PAS’ Call To Scrap Coldplay Concert, Accuses Them Of Seeking ‘Cheap Publicity’

Logical concern or mere publicity stunt?
Selangor’s DAP leader, Shakir Ameer, has publicly denounced a plea from PAS leader Nasrudin Hassan to cancel Coldplay’s upcoming concert scheduled for November.

The controversy first sparked when Nasrudin, a member of the PAS central working committee, questioned Putrajaya’s endorsement of the Coldplay concert. He posed the query whether permitting the concert would lead to the promotion of “hedonism and deviant cultures”.

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Dap leader criticizes pas' call to scrap coldplay concert, accuses them of seeking 'cheap publicity'
Photo from Live Nation Malaysia

As supporting evidence, he posted images of Coldplay’s lead vocalist, Chris Martin, brandishing an LGBT flag during a concert in London and said the event offered no benefits to “race, religion or country”.

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DAP leader hits back at PAS

In a biting critique of Nasrudin’s call, Shah Alam DAP chairman Shakir Ameer has criticised him for his views and challenged him to ban all forms of communication in a Facebook post.

Based on PAS’ logic, the internet, television, radio and any other social media which they depend on to spread their propaganda should be banned as well for promoting certain values that they do not agree with.

Shakir also noted that with Coldplay’s concert, it will actually be a boon to local traders looking to do business as well as attract tourists from other Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore and Thailand, providing a significant boost to the economy.

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He also praised the band for promoting sustainability, recycling, and CO2 reduction – values that align with Islamic teachings for environmental preservation.

Dap leader criticizes pas' call to scrap coldplay concert, accuses them of seeking 'cheap publicity'
Photo via FB/Coldplay

PAS does not care about positive values. They protest over anything merely for the sake of protest for political reasons.

“A person won’t lose their faith by attending a concert. Don’t insult the intelligence of Malaysians. There is no need for PAS to intervene in the thought process of Malaysians,” he wrote.

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