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Dadi Cinema to open its doors at Pavilion KL and Damen USJ on November 1st

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Movie goers rejoice! Dadi Cinema, the second-largest cinema chain in China, will be launching two outlets in Pavilion KL and Damen USJ respectively on November 1.

Dadi cinema pavilion(5)
Photo:Fb/Dadi Cinema

In a post on their official Facebook page yesterday (Oct 28), Dadi Cinema shared how they had received numerous enquires about their grand opening.

Their Pavilion KL outlet will replace the now-defunct GSC outlet which shut down last February!

The cinema chain added that more details will be announced soon.

First overseas attempt

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According to Dadi Cinema, Malaysia is their first location in attempting to bring the brand overseas. It also promised to provide a ‘fully immersive and premium cinematic experience’ for its audience.

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Dadi cinema pavilion(7)
Photo:Fb/Dadi Cinema
As of December 31. 2020, Dadi is currently the second-largest cinema chain with 2,936 screens in 191 locations throughout China.
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Photo:Fb/Dadi Cinema

On top of that, the company also has a fully integrated industry chain platform ranging from movie investment and production to cinema advertising.

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Photo:Fb/Dadi Cinema
Dadi cinema pavilion(1)
Photo:Fb/Dadi Cinema

Are you excited and looking forward to paying a visit soon? Let us know in the comment section!

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