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Cuteness overload! Young Taiwanese girl dresses up as her president Tsai-Ing Wen

Outfit on hella on point.
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TAIWAN – The spooky season is upon us as many celebrated Halloween over the weekend. One Taiwanese girl stood out among the many who costumed as fictitious characters.

Photos of a young Taiwanese girl who dressed up as President Tsai Ing-Wen made its rounds on the internet, catching the eyes of many.

The short-haired little girl wore President Tsai’s iconic suit and glasses, which the president has been photoed in many occasions.

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Even her hair is styled the same fashion as the president!

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President tsai ing wen
President Tsai in the same outfit. Photo: Fb/Tsai Ing-Wen

Nailed it

What’s even more amusing is that the little girl carried a sign showing President Tsai in the exact same outfit.

Little president tsai-ing wen
Photo: Facebook

Next president in the making, perhaps?

Little president tsai-ing wen (2)
Photo:Yahoo Taiwan

The post was initially shared on a local community Facebook page before it caught the attention of Taiwanese politician Chen Ting-fei.

‘She is so cute’

Her post has since garnered over 14k likes and 200 shares at the time of writing, with most commenting about how adorable she is.

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One netizen praised her choice of costume.

Comment on little president tsai ing-wen(1)

Netizens agreed that her resemblance is uncanny.

Comment on little president tsai ing-wen(2)

One also quipped that ‘cuteness overload’.

Comment on little president tsai ing-wen(3)

Another netizen said that her look made her day.

Comment on little president tsai ing-wen(4)

Awww so cute!

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Cover Images via Facebook

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