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Cuteness overload! Young Taiwanese girl dresses up as her president Tsai-Ing Wen

Outfit on hella on point.

TAIWAN – The spooky season is upon us as many celebrated Halloween over the weekend. One Taiwanese girl stood out among the many who costumed as fictitious characters.

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Photos of a young Taiwanese girl who dressed up as President Tsai Ing-Wen made its rounds on the internet, catching the eyes of many.

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The short-haired little girl wore President Tsai’s iconic suit and glasses, which the president has been photoed in many occasions.

Even her hair is styled the same fashion as the president!

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President tsai ing wen
President Tsai in the same outfit. Photo: Fb/Tsai Ing-Wen

Nailed it

What’s even more amusing is that the little girl carried a sign showing President Tsai in the exact same outfit.

Little president tsai-ing wen
Photo: Facebook

Next president in the making, perhaps?

Little president tsai-ing wen (2)
Photo:Yahoo Taiwan

The post was initially shared on a local community Facebook page before it caught the attention of Taiwanese politician Chen Ting-fei.

‘She is so cute’

Her post has since garnered over 14k likes and 200 shares at the time of writing, with most commenting about how adorable she is.

One netizen praised her choice of costume.

Comment on little president tsai ing-wen(1)

Netizens agreed that her resemblance is uncanny.

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Comment on little president tsai ing-wen(2)

One also quipped that ‘cuteness overload’.

Comment on little president tsai ing-wen(3)

Another netizen said that her look made her day.

Comment on little president tsai ing-wen(4)

Awww so cute!

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Cover Images via Facebook

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