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Catcha Digital Berhad Appoints Patrick Grove as Chairman

KUALA LUMPUR, 1 March 2023: Catcha Digital Berhad (“Catcha Digital”) announced today that it has appointed Patrick Ykin Grove (“Patrick”) as its new Chairman, effective from 1 March 2023.

Catcha Digital. Photo provided to WeirdKaya.

Patrick, who is a Major Shareholder, Co-Founder and Non-Independent Non-Executive Director of Catcha Digital, is a seasoned entrepreneur and investor with extensive experience in the digital media and technology industry.

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As Co-Founder and Group CEO of Catcha Group, Patrick is recognised as one of the leading entrepreneurs in the Asia Pacific region. Over the last fifteen years, he has founded and taken six companies from start-up to IPO.

Catcha digital berhad appoints patrick grove as chairman | weirdkaya
Patrick Ykin Grove. Photo provided to WeirdKaya.

Over the last decade, Patrick has been independently and widely recognised with numerous international awards, including: Global Leader of Tomorrow and New Asian Leader by the World Economic Forum; Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the Australian Chamber of Commerce, Singapore; Asia’s Best Young Entrepreneur by Bloomberg Business.

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Patrick also has extensive experience as a listed company director and was previously Chairman of ASX-listed iProperty Group which was acquired by Newscorp’s REA Group for approximately RM2.5 billion and ASX-listed iCar Asia which was acquired by Carsome for approximately RM850 million.

In a statement, Patrick said, “I am honoured to be appointed as the Chairman of Catcha Digital. I look forward to working with our dynamic team to create a tremendous success and will work to drive Catcha Digital to the incredible heights we believe it is destined to achieve.”

Patrick’s appointment follows the resignation of former Chairman Dato’ Larry Gan Nyap Liow @ Gan Nyap Liou (“Dato’ Larry”) stepping down from his position as Independent Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Catcha Digital with effective from 1 March 2023.

In a statement, Dato’ Larry said, “Observing the Code of Corporate Governance best practice limiting Independent Directors to 9 years, it is very timely at this point for me to step aside and make way for the next director. It has been a great journey with Patrick… and I wish the company the very best.

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Catcha digital berhad appoints patrick grove as chairman | weirdkaya
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