A billionaire among mortals: M’sian tycoon Vincent Tan spotted vacationing at Pulau Perhentian

A billionaire who's not only rich with wealth, but humility too.
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Whenever we mention the ultra-rich, we often imagine an individual wearing branded clothing and expensive jewellery while tossing wads of cash up in the air.

However, there have been a rare few who have instead chosen to live a quiet life despite of their mounting wealth.

Actor Hairul Azreen, known for his role in the movie PASKAL, recently shared some photos and videos of him spending time with his family at Pulau Perhentian.

M'sian tycoon vincent tan spotted vacationing at pulau perhentian
Screenshot via Instagram/ theyusufiskandar

The humble look: Just plain shirt and slippers

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However, what caught the eyes of netizens was a Chinese man who wore a simple long-sleeved shirt, trousers, and slippers.

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It was later revealed that he was none other than Tan Sri Vincent Tan, one of the richest man in Malaysia!

Tan Sri Vincent Tan is the founder of Berjaya Corporation Berhad, a Malaysian-based corporation that has ties to multiple industries, including property development and telecommunication.

He’s also the owner of the English football club Cardiff City and was named in Forbes’ billionaire list in 2010 with an estimated net worth of USD 1.6 billion (RM4.2 billion).

“He looks like any ordinary man!”

Naturally, netizens were surprised to see the billionaire blending in with the locals without having to flaunt his immense wealth.

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“His clothes are lowkey, humble and simple. He’s a real billionaire, unlike those who always act like they’re super rich and show off their expensive OOTD (Outfit of the Day).”

Screenshot via Instagram/ theyusufiskandar

“Those who don’t know Tan Sri Vincent Tan might probably mistake him as an ordinary Chinese man from the village.”

Screenshot via Instagram/ theyusufiskandar

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Cover Images via Instagram/ theyusufiskandar

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