Bangladeshi Man Gored To Death By Elephant In Kelantan

He tried to flee from the animal but failed.
Elephants are majestic creatures that are a sight to behold from afar, but if provoked or approached in a wrong manner, it can lead to fatal results.

A foreign man in Kelantan met his deadly end after he and his friend crossed paths with a wild elephant and tried to flee but failed in the process.

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Bangladeshi man gored to death by elephant

According to Harian Metro, the incident took place at around 5pm on a plantation in Kampung Om, Pos Blau in Gua Musang on Sunday (May 12).

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An elephant
For illustration purposes only. Photo via Canva

The Malay daily reported that the victim, a 29-year-old plantation worker named Md Nawsher Ali, was believed to be on his way home with his friend when they encountered the wild elephant.

Gua Musang district police chief Superintendent Sik Choon Foo said police received a report at 9.42pm and shed further light on the tragedy when contacted by Harian Metro.

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“Preliminary investigation found that while on their way back from the plantation, they encountered an elephant coming down from a hilly bend.

Out of shock, the duo fled but the victim didn’t manage to escape according to witnesses. He was then attacked and stabbed in the abdomen by the elephant’s tusk.

Bangla man killed by elephant in kelantan
Photo via Harian Metro

“The victim died at the scene due to severe injuries and police also found elephant footprints near the victim’s body,” he said.

Sik said the victim’s body was sent to the Gua Musang Hospital for an autopsy and further investigation is still ongoing, adding that the case has been classified as sudden death (SDR).

He also urged the public not to speculate on the matter and let the police conduct investigations.

This isn’t the first time humans have been attacked or killed by elephants:

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