Apple releases ‘Polishing Cloth’ to let you clean your Apple devices…for RM99

Asian mums: Even my floormat is better than this!

Apple recently unveiled its MacBook Pro lineup with the all-new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips today (Oct 19).

The company also revealed the redesigned AirPods 3 and new colour options for the HomePod mini.

Pay RM99 for a polishing cloth

However, there was another product which wasn’t mentioned during the event – a RM99 polishing cloth.

Apple polishing cloth (4)
Photo: Apple

On the official Apple website, the cloth is made with ‘soft, non-abrasive material’ that will not leave scratches on the surface of any Apple device.

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Apple polishing cloth -2
Photo: Apple

It also has the official logo stamped on it, adding to its ‘value for money’.

Apple polishing cloth -3
Photo: Apple

However, major tech websites was unimpressed, with The Verge reporting that it remained unclear how the cloth was any different from a typical microfiber cloth which one could get at one-tenth of the RM99 price tag.

CNET also released a scathing commentary of the product, calling it the ‘most backwards-compatible device yet’.

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Cover Images via Apple

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