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9yo M’sian Kid Flies Back To Sarawak From KL Alone As His Parents Couldn’t Accompany Him

Real brave of him.
While going on an airplane ride is no doubt an exciting experience for most children, travelling all by yourself at such a young age is still a daunting task and one that most parents wouldn’t subject their kids to.

But for this 9-year-old kid, he now has the bragging rights of having flown solo from one state to another after his parents had no choice but to let him board the plane alone due to unforeseen circumstances.

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9yo M’sian kid flies back to Sarawak from KL alone

Say hello to Ukaasyah Mohamad Anas, who shot to online fame after his mother uploaded a now-viral TikTok video of him boarding a plane by himself, reported Harian Metro.

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Speaking to the Malay daily, Ukaasyah’s father Mohamad Anas Mohamad Naem said his eldest son had boarded a plane from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to Kuching International Airport on June 2.

“Ukaasyah returned to Sarawak because his school holiday had ended and he needed to continue his schooling there.

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For illustration purposes only. Photo by WeirdKaya

Me and my wife had matters to attend to, so we couldn’t accompany him back, leading to us having to let his travel home alone.

“Honestly, it was difficult to let Ukaasyah go and if you ask any parent, no one would be comfortable letting a young child fly alone,” he admitted.

Mohamad Anas added he and his wife had a hard time letting Ukaasyah travel on his own as it was his first time doing so. He also said that he waited for his son to board the plane before leaving the airport.

Thankfully, the boy arrived safely in Sarawak and was welcomed by his grandparents.

9yo ukaasyah mohamad anas
Photo via Harian Metro

Mohamad Anas also praised the airline crew for taking good care of Ukaasyah, so much so that the young lad later told him that he couldn’t wait to fly solo again.

Viral clip meant to be educational

Commenting on the viral TikTok clip, Mohamad Anas said his wife’s intention to share the clip was to create a memory as well as educate the public about how minors travel by plane without their parents or guardians.

“There are many children out there who actually fly without their parents or guardians. It’s just that it might not be shared,” he said.

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