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99 Speedmart staff praised for letting stray dog take shelter during a thunderstorm

Many thanked the staffs for their kind deed.

A tweet showing a terrified stray dog hiding inside a rack at a 99 Speedmart outlet during a thunderstorm has made rounds on the Internet recently.

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Stray dog sleeping on a stack of dog food

In the post, @nabilfikran10 posted a series of Facebook screenshots of a customer taking pictures of a stray dog sleeping on a stack of dog food.

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99 speedmart staff praised for letting stray dog take shelter during a thunderstorm | weirdkaya
Photo: Twitter/@nabilfikran10

The customer, Aqlul Hakimi Saiful Aula, wrote that he was shopping for items when he stumbled upon the dog.

“The 99 Speedmart staff then explained to me that the thunder had frightened the dog, causing it to scamper into the shop.”

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Not the first time

To Aqlul’s surprise, he was also told that this isn’t the dog’s first time seeking shelter inside the 99 Speedmart outlet.

Every time there’s a thunderstorm, it will run into the store and hide inside the rack. Poor him. This is the fate of a stray dog.

@nabilfikran10 also wrote that he often prayed that those who showed compassion on stray animals would receive great blessing from God.

‘Bless your kind soul!’

The post has since garnered over 26.4k likes at the time of writing, with many thanking 99 Speedmart’s staff for their kind deed.

99 speedmart saves stray dog
99 speedmart saves stray dog4

One netizen simply wrote: “My heart🥺”

99 speedmart saves stray dog3

Another also urged everyone to help street animals regardless of whether it was a cat or a dog.

99 speedmart saves stray dog 2

Another who claimed to be a “dog lover and saviour” also asked members of the public to “treat any stray dog nicely”.

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99 speedmart saves stray dog 6 comment

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