73yo Security Guard Buried Alive In Landslide At Taman Seputeh 


Tragedy struck early today when a 73-year-old security guard on night duty was killed in a landslide that caused the collapse of a 20 feet (6.09m)-tall embankment behind Wisma YPR in Taman Seputeh, Jalan Syed Putra.

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Seputeh landslide security killed 04
Photo: China Press

The incident occurred at 12:53 am, causing tons of soil to bury a guardhouse.

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73-year-old security guard buried alive in landslide

According to China Press, an extensive search and rescue operation was immediately launched, involving the Fire and Rescue Department, its Special Tactical Operation and Rescue Team of Malaysia (Storm), the K9 Dog Unit, City Hall, and police.

Seputeh landslide security killed 03
Photo: KPKT Malaysia

The guard’s remains were discovered at 6:23 am by the rescue team.

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A Fire and Rescue Department spokesperson revealed to NST that they received a distress call at 12:54 am, and a team of 37 firemen from Seputeh and Hang Tuah stations were sent to the scene.

The department spokesperson further explained that the landslide involved an area measuring 6.09 meters high and 12.19 meters wide, resulting in the guardhouse’s collapse.

Seputeh landslide security killed 05

In response to the disaster, the police, Fire and Rescue Department, Health Ministry, City Hall excavation workers, and lorries, among other relevant authorities, have cordoned off the road leading to Wisma YPR for remedial works.

Wall adjacent to the building breached

To prevent further erosion, authorities are installing canvas sheets in the area as an immediate precautionary measure.

Seputeh landslide security killed 02

Heavy rain in most parts of the Klang Valley the previous evening is believed to have contributed to the landslide.

However, the building itself did not suffer any damage; only the nearby 20-feet high fence was broken by the landslide.

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It is also understood that the wall adjacent to the building had been breached in the middle, with one area forming a hole.


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