6yo M’sian Boy Refuses To Go To School After Alleging That Teacher Frequently Bit His Lips

The child alleges that the teacher also bites his ears and nose.

A 6-year-old pupil in Petaling Jaya has been living a nightmare, being terrified of attending school due to consistent biting from his teacher.

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This horrific revelation was made by his mother, who used the Facebook account Eyma Zaideen to share the plight of her child.

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The distressed mother revealed how her son would constantly question about school holidays, and she noticed a drastic change in his cheerful demeanor on school days.

“Imagine every Sunday, my son sighs and asks when is the next school holiday. He doesn’t show the same enthusiasm other kids do about school. His mood and appearance change drastically on school days,” she lamented.

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6yo m'sian boy refuses to go to school after alleging that teacher frequently bit his lips | weirdkaya
Photo from Facebook

Something amiss

As a mother, she was quick to sense the odd change in her son’s behaviour and knew something was amiss.

“My son isn’t the type to share his problems at school. He usually keeps to himself, but I could sense something wasn’t right because of the way he consistently seemed unhappy about school. So one day, when he came home from school looking sad and teary, I asked him why.”

Teacher biting various parts of the boy’s body

To her horror, she discovered the truth behind her son’s reluctance to attend school. A male teacher at her son’s school had allegedly been biting various parts of the boy’s body.

Recounting the child’s words, she wrote, “Mum, I can’t stand going to school anymore, I want to change schools. My teacher often bites my lips, pulls them and it hurts a lot. Plus, the teacher’s teeth are yellow and his mouth is black. He sometimes bites my ears and nose too.”

Further probing revealed that this teacher, popularly known as “Cikgu Nor” at school, was notorious for biting students, instilling fear amongst them.

“This is not an educator but a ‘vampire’. Other parents might keep quiet, but not me. Wait for me, ‘Cikgu Nor’,” Eyma sternly declared.

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In another post, she claimed that her son wasn’t the only victim of this atrocious behaviour. Several other students, including girls, were also reportedly victims of this dreadful teacher.

The chilling part is that other teachers, aware of the incident, opted for silence. But the mother, determined for justice, took matters into her own hands, confronting the school principal personally for the sake of her child and other students.

Thankfully, the school management did not attempt to sweep the issue under the carpet. The teacher involved will face strict punishment following due procedures.

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According to her, she has sought legal help, planning to take the case to court.

She also revealed plans to seek psychological counseling services to help her son cope with the trauma caused by the teacher’s repeated harassment, with hopes for his emotional recovery.


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