15yo Asian girl get sucker punched by rival during basketball match, suffers concussion

The victim is still experiencing the after effects of the attack.

CALIFORNIA – A 15-year-old Asian girl, Lauryn Ham was sucker punched by her 14-year-old rival, who was instructed to do so by her mother during a school basketball match.

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Lauryn ham sucker punch by 14 yo girl 00
Screengrab from Instagram/@hammyalice

The suspect is said to be the daughter of former NBA star Corey Benjamin.

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In the video, the suspect missed the chance to score a three-pointer as she was prevented from doing so by Lauryn, causing both to tumble out of the court.

As the duo began making their way back into the court, the suspect suddenly landed a vicious swing on Lauryn’s chin and throat, sending her slumping to the floor.

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Lauryn ham sucker punch by 14 yo girl 03
Screengrab from Instagram/@hammyalice

Game officials quickly halted the game and deployed medical personnel to attend to Lauryn. The attacker and her mother were also forced to leave the venue.

Lauryn ham sucker punch by 14 yo girl 01
Screengrab from Instagram/@hammyalice

Daily Mail also reported that Lauryn suffered a concussion following the attack.

Lauryn ham sucker punch by 14 yo girl 04
Screengrab from Instagram/@hammyalice

‘You better hit her!’

Lauryn’s mother, Alice Ham later took to Instagram to shed light on the details of the attack.

This happened to my DAUGHTER yesterday (Nov 11, US time). There is absolutely no place for something like this in basketball.

This mom told her daughter to ‘go and hit her’ and my kid gets an unprovoked sucker punch.

Alice ham's instagram
Screengrab from Alice Ham’s instagram

Alice also alleged that the suspect and her mother showed “absolutely no remorse and offered no apology”.

Asian-American news outlet NextShark reported that Lauryn was taken to an urgent care facility for an immediate medical check-up and revealed that a police report has been lodged against the suspect.

Lauryn mother speaks to nbc
Lauryn’s mother. Screengrab from Youtube/NBC News

Lingering effects

Alice added that her daughter is still experiencing the aftermath of the attack, where she has difficulties concentrating on her tasks and has yet to return to school.

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She has been mostly staying in a dark room and just trying to rest,” she told Daily Mail.

Suspect’s lawyer: ‘This is an unfortunate incident’

Attorney Brett Greenfield told ABC7 that the suspect’s family was “deeply and sincerely remorseful” over the incident.

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This is an unfortunate incident involving a very hard working and promising student athlete.

We must keep some perspective and keep in mind that this is a young minor who has made a mistake.”

He also claimed that the family had received a wave of negative responses on social media and called upon netizens to give them space.

“We would respectfully request that she be given the benefit of the doubt and that her privacy be respected given her young age.”

Corey Benjamin himself later released a statement and apologised for his daughter’s behavior, saying that “this is not how I raised [her]”.

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Cover Images via Instagram/@hammyalice

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