ZUS Responds After M’sians Complain About Its Straws Going Soggy Too Quickly

Our voice was finally heard.
Local coffee brand ZUS has quickly won over many hearts with its delightful brews and reasonable prices.

But even the best local favorites aren’t without their faults.

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A common issue? Their eco-friendly straws don’t seem to hold up very well.

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Especially when you’re deep in work and your drink sits for an hour or two, you might come back to find your straw disintegrating into a soggy mess.

But these are the straws that are designed to be more environmentally friendly and don’t need to end up in landfill sites because the straws are edible and will not pose any recycling issues.

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This straw issue has stirred up quite a bit of online chatter, with one netizen’s tweet catching a lot of attention.

Voicing the collective frustration, the tweet highlighted how everything about ZUS was perfect—except for the straws, which could dampen the whole experience.

ZUS admin finally heard the netizens’ voice

In response, ZUS Coffee has stepped up, promising an improved straw that stands the test of time and customer feedback.


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