ZUS Coffee Denies Collaborating With Boycotted Sportsbrand, Apologises & Issues Public Statement

They issued another statement in less than 24 hours to clarify their stance.
Yesterday, ZUS Coffee issued an apology and provided clarifications following a public uproar about their participation in a recent sports-fashion event.

ZUS Coffee has issued a comprehensive apology, addressing concerns over their recent participation in a sports-fashion event.

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The company clarified that this was a one-time activity, meant to share their coffee with attendees, and not a collaboration with any brand.

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“We understand the concerns raised and regret any confusion caused. Our participation was solely for offering coffee and does not reflect any deeper partnership,” the statement read.

They acknowledged the public’s concerns and emphasized that they would take this feedback seriously to avoid similar misunderstandings in the future.

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In less than 24 hours, ZUS Coffee published another statement reiterated their stance against violence and their solidarity with global human rights causes.

“We acknowledge that our previous statement was not sufficiently clear in addressing our stance against the act of genocide in Palestine.” they added.


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