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Zii Jia Declines Joining Road To Gold Programme In The Run-Up To 2024 Paris Olympics

The only player who hadn't agreed to join the RTG programme.

The latest news in badminton reveals that Lee Zii Jia, a top singles player, has decided not to join the Road to Gold (RTG) programme aimed at preparing athletes for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

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Not signing LOC

Lee Zii Jia was the only player who hadn’t agreed to join the RTG programme. He made his decision clear by choosing not to sign the commitment letter.

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His team, including his coaches Wong Tat Meng and Liew Daren and his manager Lee Zii Yi, shared this decision in an online meeting.

He was initially listed among the 15 athletes in the latest Road to Gold (RTG) programme.

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The RTG committee confirmed this news and stated that Zii Jia feels he can reach his goals at the Paris Olympics without the programme’s help.

However, his team also said they will keep working with other sports groups, including the Youth and Sports Ministry and the Olympic Council of Malaysia, to support the sport.

Zii jia declines joining road to gold programme in the run-up to 2024 paris olympics | weirdkaya
Screenshot from Instagram/ hannahyeoh

Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh had earlier mentioned that Zii Jia was the only athlete not yet part of RTG and had given him 14 days to decide, with today being the deadline.

Yeoh also stressed that joining the RTG programme is optional for athletes.

“It’s designed to provide extra support for those heading to the Olympics, but athletes who have other resources or prefer not to join can make their own choice.”

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