[VIDEO] Young girl seen flirting with death by walking on the edge of apartment balcony

One step away from endless regret.
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SELAYANG – Two videos showing a young girl walking on the edge of the balcony of an apartment believed to be located in Selayang has gone viral online.

In an 8-second video, the girl was spotted strolling back and forth on the narrow pathway fearlessly.

Photo via FB/ Ammy Angah
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In another 33-second video, she stood at a corner and gazed into the distance for a moment before climbing effortlessly back into the house. A younger sibling was seen emerging out from the glass door too.

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Photo via FB/ Ammy Angah

The original Facebook post has since garnered more than 1.2k shares and 70k views, with other reposts of the same incident grabbing attention as well.

‘Way too dangerous!

Netizens who watched the videos were horrified to see the young girl playing a dangerous game with little supervision.

They also called the girl’s parents out for neglecting her.

Photo via FB/ Ammy Angah

Other netizens who lived at high-rise apartments shared how they’ve installed invisible grilles to prevent their children from scaling over the balcony and falling to their deaths.

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One netizen pointed out that the younger sibling might emulate the girl’s actions in the near future.

Another netizen posted a screenshot of a message issued by the apartment’s management, where it said that the girl’s parents had been reprimanded over the incident. They also requested the videos to be deleted in order to protect the parents’ privacy.

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Cover Images via FB/ Ammy Angah

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