Lorry’s canvas cover flies off, causing a near-death experience for motorcyclists

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PUTRAJAYA – A video of two motorists skidding across on the road after their vision was obscured by a lorry’s canvas cover has gone viral yesterday (Nov 3).

The frightful dashcam footage shared by Facebook user Michael Meng has garnered more than 1K shares at press time.

Canvas flying off the lorry

In the video, all was well on the road until the canvas cover suddenly flew off the lorry, partially covering the motorcyclist and his passenger.

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Not able to see the road ahead, the motorcycle began wobbling sideways and and skidded towards another oncoming trailer, causing the rider and his passenger to fall off as pieces of the vehicle was strewn everywhere.

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Fortunately, they survived the scary incident and managed to get to their feet.

Photo via FB/ Michael Meng

‘Dangerous and careless!’

Netizens were deeply troubled by the video and called the lorry driver out for landing others in grave danger by not tying the canvas cover properly.

Photo via FB/ Michael Meng

They were also angered by his oblivion over what transpired.

Some also called upon authorities to take stern action against the lorry driver.

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Photo via FB/ Michael Meng

However, Putrajaya Police Chief Assistant Commissioner A. Asmadi Abdul Aziz said police did not receive any report regarding the incident when contacted by Harian Metro.

You can watch the footage here:

Video by FB/ Michael Meng

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