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World’s Largest Lift Is Capable Of Fitting 235 People At Once

Wah, got sofa.

How many people can the biggest lift you’ve seen accommodate? Maybe 30? The world’s largest lift is found to be capable of fitting 235 people!

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The lift went viral on TikTok recently following a video post showing the lift’s interior.

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The interior of the elevator is very spacious, decorated like a luxury suite, complete with small sofas, allowing those going to higher floors to sit back and relax in the lift.

World's largest lift with sofa
Screenshot via TT/ @khaliqyar.k

An interesting thing to note was a sign hanging outside the lift writing ‘Largest Passenger Elevator In The World’ was spotted.

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Based on our research online, the elevator is located at Jio World Centre (JWC), Mumbai. The centre is a venue for holding conferences, exhibitions, or large weddings, and the related elevator is used to accommodate a large number of visitors.

This largest passenger elevator covers an area of 25.78 square meters, accommodating up to 235 people travelling between 5 floors at a speed of 1 metre per second.

The area of the elevator is similar to that of a studio apartment, so much so that some people initially thought it was a room.

Largest passenger elevator in the world

Another unique feature of the lift is that it includes a glass wall and a 4-panel centre-opening glass door with mirrors on two sides.

The lift was installed by KONE, the elevator and escalator manufacturing major, and started operating in May 2022.

KONE Elevators India’s Managing Director, Amit Gossain revealed in an interview during the elevator’s launch that the 16-tonne elevator is a pure engineering marvel as it is powered by KONE EcoDisc MX 100, the most powerful hoisting machine.

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In their official launch video, a huge group of construction workers were seen walking out of the elevator, highly possibly a scene taken during their practical test.

Watch their official video here.

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