M’sian Woman’s Search For Polygamous Relationship Raises Eyebrows Among Netizens


Being in a relationship with the one you love is certainly on the bucket list of many, but would you be willing to share your partner with another man/woman?

A woman recently took to Facebook to share how much she longed for a polygamous relationship, which has since caused a stir among netizens.

‘I’m open to a polygamous relationship’

In the post uploaded to the Facebook group ‘Luahan Hati Seorang Isteri’, the woman said she is looking for a married man who is willing to have a polygamous but legal relationship with her.

She added that her traumatic past was what caused her to make this odd request.

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I’m illiterate and have a dreadful past that my friends and family don’t know about. All the men I knew previously merely wanted my body.

“If there’s a man who’s willing to commit to a polygamous relationship and his family are accepting of it, I’m ready with an open heart,” she wrote.

Read the post here:

Netizens disagree

In the comment section, netizens were less than enthusiastic over the woman’s request and said that it was unacceptable.

“Don’t build your happiness on someone else’s pain. Remember, taking something that belongs to others won’t last long.”

Screenshot via Facebook

“I’m sorry but I’d like to ask…why someone else’s husband? Do you want to be a part-time wife?”

Screenshot via Facebook

On the other hand, some felt that there was more to the story and urged others not to be too quick in passing judgement.

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“We aren’t someone who’s able to judge others. So if we can’t help with anything, just read. There is no need to comment.”


Do you find her request reasonable? Let us know in the comments!

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