“Won’t He Recognise The Wrong Wife Or Child?” — Man Takes Twins As His Wives, Leaves Netizens Amused Yet Concerned

Whatever makes him happy, we guess?

In an unusual post on the Facebook page “马六甲人“, it showed a man lovingly holding his wives’ hands with a wide grin on his face.

And if you’ve noticed the identical dresses that the brides wore, you’ve probably guessed it already — they are both twins!

According to the post, the twins named Sella and Selly were given in marriage to their husband Nanda and they seem unbothered by the fact that they are sharing the same man.

Screencap via 马六甲人.

‘Won’t he get confused?’

While happy for the couple(s)’ marriage, netizens were left perplexed by the sight and wondered if Nanda would get mixed up between his wives and future children.

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“Won’t the children have the same face? Not only will he get mixed up with the wives, but the children too.”

Screencap via 马六甲人.

Some joked that Nanda probably wanted some “spice” in his marriage and decided to take the twins as his wives so that he could have something “fresh” everyday.

Screencap via 马六甲人.

On the other hand, several netizens questioned the logic behind polygamous marriages being permitted in Islam despite the religion’s strong stance against certain social ills such as alcohol consumption.

“Not that it’s my business, but I find it funny how drinking isn’t allowed and (their) attire has to be super conservative, yet it’s fine for them to marry as many wives as they want.”

Screencap via 马六甲人.

Seeing the comment, one netizen took the time to explain how polygamous marriages work in their culture.

“Four is the maximum. But the first wife has to accept the other wives beforehand. In their culture, if the first wife divorces the husband, it will spell misfortune for him.”

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Screencap via 马六甲人.

Meanwhile, others were just envious that Nanda has not one, but two wives.

“K**, he’s super blessed.”

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Cover image via 马六甲人.