S’porean woman in shock after spitting out centipede from her bubble tea drink


SINGAPORE – A woman got more than what she paid for when she discovered a centipede in her bubble tea drink.

The woman, who requested anonymity, told Mothership that she bought a cup of Caramel Milk Tea from Cup Walker’s Sengkang Square outlet on Wednesday (Dec 15).

“I had only taken two sips when I realised something “un-pearl-like” in my mouth. I thought it was a strand of hair, but to my shock, it was a centipede!”, she exclaimed.

S'porean woman in shock after spitting out centipede from her bubble tea drink | weirdkaya
Photo via Mothership

Thanks, but no thanks

Following her disgusting discovery, the woman then contacted Cup Walker to report the incident and was offered a new drink, which she refused.

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An apologetic staff member also told her that they had probably missed out on the centipede due to its small size – it was around 2cm long.

“I’ve emailed Cup Walker and the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) to notify them of the incident.

This has left me disgusted and traumatised and I will no longer patronise Cup Walker in the future,” she said.

However, a check by Mothership at the said outlet on the same day revealed that it was clean and was given an A grade certificate from SFA.

According to Cup Walker’s website, it was founded in 1998 and claims to build the business based upon the concept of “consistency and sustainability”.

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Cover image via Food Unfolded and Mothership

Editor: Sarah Yeoh