22yo Woman Allegedly Raped By KL Hotel Staff After She Refused To Be Paid To Have Sex With Him

The victim unsuspectingly let the staff in as she was preparing to check out of the hotel.

KUALA LUMPUR- In a shocking incident reported in Kuala Lumpur, a hotel employee from Bangladesh has been arrested for allegedly raping a female guest who had been staying at the hotel.

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The arrest was made on Monday at a hotel in Bukit Bintang, just a few hours after the accused reportedly carried out the heinous act on the 22-year-old victim, according to Harian Metro.

Unsuspectingly let in the staff while checking out

According to source, the suspect visited the victim’s room under the pretext of needing to inspect it, which did not raise any suspicion from the victim.

The victim, an Indonesian national, unsuspectingly let him in as she was preparing to check out of the hotel.

However, things took a horrendous turn when the man propositioned the victim for sex, promising her money in return.

Upon her refusal, the suspect allegedly proceeded to rape her before fleeing the scene.

The victim, who was left traumatised and in tears by the assault, subsequently reported the incident to the police.

On arrival, the officers found the victim in a distressed state. She narrated her horrifying ordeal, leading to the arrest of the suspect who was still at the hotel.

The accused has been taken to the Dang Wangi Police District Headquarters for further investigation.

This case serves as a chilling reminder of the safety issues faced by solo women travellers, underscoring the importance of strict safety measures and protocols in hotels to protect guests.


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