Woman gets a rude shock over RM5,811 bill for an hour’s parking

That's almost a year's worth of parking fees!

PETALING JAYA – Aside from soaring food and petrol prices, another expense that eats into our savings is parking, where it racked up quite an amount over time. But have you ever encountered a parking fee that’s close to RM6,000?

TikTok user @mummyjlo recently shared her shock and displeasure over how she was charged RM5,811 for an hour’s parking.

Photo via TikTok/ @mummyjlo

The 30-second clip starts with her making her way to her car which was stopped in front of the boom gate leading towards the exit.

Look at this! I came in at 11.30 pm until 12.30 am and guess how much I have to pay? RM5,811!” she exclaims while showing viewers the figure shown on the screen.

Photo via TikTok/ @mummyjlo

In the comment section, @mummyjlo added that the management claimed that she had parked there since May 2021 according to their system records and insisted on her paying the fee despite her protests.

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It wasn’t until she lodged a report at a police station did the management relent and proceeded to check the CCTV to see the exact time she entered the parking lot.

Photo via TikTok/ @mummyjlo

“It took us an hour to settle the issue and I only had to pay RM3 in the end,” she wrote.

Watch the video here:


bapak la mhl😂😂

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The video has since garnered over 900k views, 33.6k likes and 1.5k comments at the time of writing, where netizens were discussing the possible reasons for the exorbitant fee.

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Some speculated that @mummyjlo had entered the parking lot at 11.30 pm on the last day of 2021 and exited at 12.30 am on the first day of 2022.

Photo via TikTok/ @mummyjlo

Others also asked where the incident had taken place but it has yet to be disclosed.

Photo via TikTok/ @mummyjlo

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Cover image via TikTok/ @mummyjlo

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