Woman punched 5 times by delivery rider after she yelled at him for driving recklessly

She added that it's hard for her to forgive him.

SINGAPORE – A woman was left with a broken nose, bleeding lips, and a cracked bottom tooth after she was assaulted by a delivery rider.

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The woman, Shen Mu Zhi (translation) told Shin Min Daily News that the incident occurred at 7pm near Block 36 Chai Chee Avenue on Tuesday (June 14).

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“I had just picked up a food order and was about to make the delivery at a HDB block when a male delivery rider sped past me on the right while on his e-bike at the entrance of the nearby open-air car park.

“He almost hit me, so I instinctively shouted ‘hey’. I didn’t hear his reply clearly and continued on my way to deliver the food,” she said.

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Punched for yelling

After making the delivery, Shen was confronted by the delivery rider who was waiting for her downstairs.

He asked me aggressively, ‘Hey what hey?’ and before I could say a word, he punched me on the left side of my face.

“He punched me a total of five times and caused me to fall to the ground before sauntering off.

“”I wanted to fight back, but I couldn’t even get one hit in,” she said.

Sustained facial injuries

The altercation has since left Shen with a bruised and swollen face, where her left eye was completely shut along with wounds to her lips and cheek.

Shen also told Shin Min that she was unable to sleep after returning home from the hospital at 2am due to the pain.

“I’ve been applying ice to reduce the swelling and taking medication. I also have to eat soft foods as it’s too painful for me to chew.

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“I don’t dare to leave the house and when I have to, I’ll wear a pair of sunglasses,” she said.

No forgiveness

When asked whether she’ll be able to forgive the delivery rider, Shen firmly replied in the negative.

“I’m about to lose S$1000 (RM3176.09) worth of income as I’m unable to leave my home for a week.

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I hope the man can be brought to justice quickly. But he really went overboard. Even if he were to apologise to me, I find it very hard to forgive him.

She added that she has shouted at reckless riders in the past, but was never assaulted for doing so until now.

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Cover image via Shin Min Daily News

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