M’sian Woman Says She Never Returned To Bangkok After A Ghost Allegedly Grabbed Her Leg

Now that the Hungry Ghost Festival has officially kicked off, it also comes with adults telling the younger ones not to be out late at night in order to avoid bumping into ghosts or supernatural beings.

One woman recently shared on social media how a ghostly encounter in Bangkok left her so traumitised that she never stepped foot into the country ever again.

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Tourist taking picture of bangkok's tourist sites
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Went to Bangkok with friends

According to the post shared on XUAN Play, the woman wrote that her friends always wanted to travel to Bangkok and often invited her to tag along but she declined, citing that she was afraid of the place.

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After much persuading, she finally gave in and went on a trip to the country with her uni friends when she was 21.

Although initially she was excited and looked forward to the trip, a spine-chilling encounter left her shaken and determined not to visit Bangkok again.

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Bangkok city
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Claimed a ghost grabbed her leg

On the second day of the trip, the woman went to the market to buy something when she felt something against her leg when she walked past the alley.

I thought it was a rat or maybe I had accidentally kicked some trash and screamed. But after I looked around, I saw nothing and continued walking.

As she walked on, the woman claimed that she suddenly felt what seemed to be a hand gripping her leg.

Extended hands silhouette
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“I immediately ran to a 7-11 store and told my friends what had happened. They kept insisting that it was a rat but I felt all five fingers and knew what happened to me!” she wrote.

Never left the hotel

After the incident, the woman refused to step out of the hotel for the remainder of the trip while her friends continued to explore Bangkok.

She added that the only time she left the hotel was on the final day of the trip, when she and her friends went to the airport.

Have you ever encountered a similar incident before? Share with us in the comments!

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