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Woman Checks Into Home For The Disabled In JB By Mistake Via Airbnb, Netizens Say It Looks Decent

Budget travelling.
Airbnb is one of the most popular and frequently-used platform to book affordable accommodation when travelling overseas.

However, things went slightly awry for a woman who found herself checking into a home for the disabled in Johor Bahru (JB) by mistake after she failed to check its reviews.

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Woman checks into home for the disabled in JB by mistake via Airbnb

In a TikTok video shared by user @crybabytubby, it documented her very short stay at a home for the disabled named Johore Cheshire Home, thinking that it was an appropriate place to stay.

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In the video, it included several photos showing how the facilities at the place looked like.

The first photo showed a long road leading to the premise, which aroused the OP’s suspicions as it didn’t look like the typical entrance of an Airbnb lodging.

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Her suspicions later proved to be true when she walked along the corridor, where it was rather clean but largely devoid of furniture, save for two chairs placed outside.

The OP also showed a photo of how the room looked like, where it came with two beds and an aircon. Unfortunately, Johore Cheshire Home had a 10pm curfew and she would have to contact security to open the main gate if she broke curfew.

On the bright side, the OP noted that the bathroom was very spacious despite the fact that it was a wheelchair-friendly bathroom.

However, the OP only spent an hour at the premise before checking out as this wasn’t what she had in mind when booking the place.

‘Looks nice though’

The clip has since garnered 40,000 views at the time of writing along with comments from netizens who were astonished by the mix up.

However, a handful of them commented that the room actually looked decent by their standards.

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Woman checks into home for the disabled in jb by mistake via airbnb, netizens say it looks decent comment 1
Screenshot via TikTok/@crybabytubby
Woman checks into home for the disabled in jb by mistake via airbnb, netizens say it looks decent comment 2
Screenshot via TikTok/@crybabytubby

Speaking to WeirdKaya, the young woman who wanted to be known as Rie, said that while she didn’t sense anything amiss, she noticed that the home was located at a more remote area compared to her previous Airbnb stays in JB.

She also said that she had to pass by all the residents who were having their daily activities in the common area when making her way to her room.

I’m afraid I might make them uncomfortable by having a holiday there, as it is meant to be their safe space.

Rie added that her short-lived stay cost S$39.97 (approx. RM137) a night but she didn’t request for a refund from Airbnb for the mix up as she had already checked in.

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Next time, be sure to check out the details and reviews of the place before you make an Airbnb booking!


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