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5 reasons why Perth is an ideal place to further your studies

International experience near home!

Ever considered studying overseas as part of your plan? More importantly, are you informed of why students even study overseas? Read on, as to why Perth is the go-to study location:

1. Not far from home (No jet lag!)

It is a challenging yet fun experience studying outside of your hometown. However, travelling too far away might bring problems like jet lag – and communication difficulties due to differences in time zones.

Luckily, Perth shares the same time zone as Malaysia and the distance between both places is only a 5 and a-half-hour flight. Hence, you will get to experience authentic Aussie culture without flying to the other side of the globe!

2. Inviting weather all year round

Perth enjoys a Mediterranean climate as it is geographically isolated with the desert in the east and oceans to the west.

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5 reasons why perth is an ideal place to further your studies | weirdkaya
Photo via sec-global

Hence, summers here are normally hot and dry, whereas winter tends to be wet and mild. Perth is also the sunniest capital city in Australia making it suitable for outdoor activities. Your weekends and holidays can be spent enjoying the outdoors at barbecues with friends, surfing in the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean, or even stand up paddle boarding on the Swan River.

3. Great place to live and study

What’s more, the city has long been renowned for maintaining high but affordable standards of living for international students as they get to enjoy free bus rides within Perth and a 40% discount on other forms of public transport. All Central Area Transit (CAT) buses within the Perth, Fremantle and Joondalup zones are free for everyone.

Moreover, Perth enjoys a low crime rate and has safer campuses, transport and streets, giving you peace of mind whenever you  go for a stroll exploring the city.

5 reasons why perth is an ideal place to further your studies | weirdkaya
Photo via into study

As for those who love sightseeing and are fans of art and culture, Perth holds many festivals and cultural events all year long. It also boasts of having several art galleries, night theatres, and funky bars to dance the night away. StudyPerth hosts a range of events to help international students like you get the most out of your Perth experience. It is a great way to explore and connect with other international students 

4. Post-study work visa and Work Opportunities

Graduates in Perth are able to apply for the post study work visa for up to 3 years or more, depending on your eligibility 

Perth houses the corporate headquarters of more than 30 per cent of businesses on the Australian Stock Exchange and six of the world’s top 10 energy companies (ThinkPerth 2019). There’s also increasing demand in the healthcare industry and a growing number of tech start-ups, making it a great time to start your career in Perth. 

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Perth’s education system is recognised as one of the best globally and is home to prestigious universities, schools, vocational institutions and English language colleges. 

If you’re into science and innovation, Perth is a perfect choice as the universities here are at the forefront of science and technology through their involvement in cutting-edge research projects with other leading institutions around the world. 

Science students will also have the opportunity to contribute to life-changing projects such as clean water production, the development of new vaccines and combating climate change.

5. It’s home to the University of Western Australia (UWA)

In the recent QS 2023 ranking, the global impact of UWA’s research and education has brought them to the World’s Top 100 Universities. On top of that, nine of its subject areas were ranked in the QS 2022 World’s Ranking by subjects Top 50 list.

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5 reasons why perth is an ideal place to further your studies | weirdkaya
Photo via uwa official website

Over the years, UWA has produced many outstanding students all around the world, where more than 5000 of them are Malaysians. This broad network of connections is useful for Malaysian students to gain access to industry connections and internship opportunities. 

Most importantly, students with financial constraints can apply for UWA’s Global Excellence Scholarships which offer up to AUD$48,000 over a course of four years for their undergraduate studies if they enrol themselves in eligible courses.

5 reasons why perth is an ideal place to further your studies | weirdkaya
Photo via aug

What are you waiting for? Act quickly by registering for AUG’s virtual info session on 21st July from 2 pm to 5 pm here to know more about studying at UWA!   

5 reasons why perth is an ideal place to further your studies | weirdkaya
Photo via aug

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