M’sians Rush To Defend “Elite” White Vitagen Flavour After Netizen Disses It On Twitter

Forever the best.

Just next to Milo, Vitagen is arguably every Malaysian’s favorite cultured drink to sip on during a hot day.

However, a debate over whether the white Vitagen flavour reigns supreme over the rest recently blew up after a netizen spoke poorly of it on Twitter.

‘No one likes you, white Vitagen’

In a now-viral tweet by Reza Razali on Dec 18, it showed a photo of two big bowls containing ice and Vitagen.

However, there were only two flavours (white and grape) available in the bowl and it was clear to see which was the crowd favorite.

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In the caption, this was what Reza wrote:

Dear White Vitagen, no one likes you or wants you, even when you are free. Sincerely, Purple Vitagen Lover.

Read the tweet here:


The tweet has since garnered over 11.4K retweets and 11.9K likes at the time of writing and saw netizens fiercely defending the white Vitagen flavour as the most-loved among all.

M'sians rush to defend
Screenshot via Twitter/@rezarazali
M'sians rush to defend
Screenshot via Twitter/@rezarazali

One netizen even called for all white Vitagen lovers to hold a march as a show of solidarity.

M'sians rush to defend
Screenshot via Twitter/@rezarazali

In a follow-up tweet, Reza posted an update where he cheekily declared that still no one was in love with the white Vitagen flavour.

Which Vitagen flavour is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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