Wheelchair-Bound M’sian Upset As Petrol Station Not Helpful With Refueling

"If I were able-bodied, I wouldn't need someone else to help me refuel."
In a poignant reminder of the challenges still faced by individuals with disabilities in accessing everyday services, a recent incident at a Shell gas station in Kuching has brought to light the stark realities of navigating a world not fully attuned to their needs.

A wheelchair-bound man’s attempt to refuel his vehicle became an unexpected spotlight on the need for greater accessibility and support, turning his routine errand into a compelling narrative of struggle, resilience, and the quest for independence.

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The man, who shared his story on Facebook under the name ‘Fadelize Givan II,’ expressed his frustration and dissatisfaction through a video.

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Not OKU friendly

Being a person with disabilities who uses a wheelchair, it’s difficult for us to make payments at the counter. There are also many cars waiting behind to pump gas, that’s why we ask for help.

He pointed out that the facilities were not friendly enough to allow him to easily reach the store to pay.

Moreover, the absence of assistance from the gas station staff further compounded his difficulties, forcing him to undertake the task of refueling his car by himself, a task that should have been straightforward with the proper support.

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“I didn’t upload this video on a whim or out of my own ego. But this has happened to me twice at the same location.

“If I were able-bodied, I wouldn’t need someone else to help me refuel,” he explained.

He further elaborated on the challenge of accessing the payment counter at the gas station, a task that is significantly more difficult for individuals in wheelchairs.

The man emphasized that his request for assistance was not without reason but was a necessity given the physical layout of the station and the challenges it posed for him, particularly when there were many vehicles waiting behind him.

He also extended an apology to the station for any inconvenience his requests for assistance might have caused, underscoring his desire for independence and the need to seek help due to his mobility issues.

Following his public share, representatives from the gas station reached out to apologize to the man.

They explained that the lack of immediate assistance was due to a shortage of staff, who were occupied with safety inspections at the time of his visit.

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The station expressed sincere apologies for any dissatisfaction caused by their services or facilities, highlighting a momentary gap in their ability to provide the necessary support and accessibility.


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