We Tried 4Fingers’ Brand New, Limited Time Fish Menu And Here’s What We Think

4Fingers beyond fried chicken.

In a delightful twist from the usual offerings, fried chicken chains are venturing beyond their norm to cater to a broader clientele with an array of products centred around different proteins or purely vegetarian options.

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Our curiosity was piqued upon discovering that 4Fingers, traditionally known for its Korean-style fried chicken, dared to diversify with the introduction of two new fish-based delights – the Crispy Fish Burger and the Golden Sea Fingers.

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Unable to resist, we decided to give these novelties a try, alongside some of our usual favourites including their fried chicken and side dishes.

They Cook Fish Well too!

The Crispy Fish Burger was surprisingly delicious, exceeding our expectations. The fish fillet, perfectly fried, boasted a robust texture, attributed to the use of Alaska Pollock Fish, setting it apart from the often too-flimsy fish burgers out there.

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Crispy fish burger and golden sea fingers

What made their Fish Burger standout was not just the exceptional fish fillet but also the inclusion of a unique sauce and a generous slice of cheese, all sandwiched between a sesame-studded bun – a combination that simply screamed yum!

Following this was the irresistibly crunchy Golden Sea Fingers. Utilizing the same Alaska Pollock Fish as the burger, these fish fingers maintained a solid texture, enriched with a delightful fishy aroma.

Golden sea fingers with tartar sauce

Fried to a golden crisp and served with a specially concocted tartar sauce, they complemented each other perfectly.

Surprising Perfect Match

Despite the sinful indulgence, these new fish products surprisingly matched perfectly with their signature hand-brushed chicken – a revelation indeed!

Crispy fish burger paired with fried chicken

Our order included the soy garlic and hot sauce Wingette & Drumette and Boneless Chicken Bites, all of which lived up to 4Fingers’ reputation for crispy on the outside, tender on the inside chicken, beautifully coated with just the right amount of sauce.

4fingers wingette

More Carbs

We didn’t stop at chicken; we also tried several mains. The Drumsticks Rice Box featured two large, soy garlic hand-brushed chicken drumsticks, lying atop 4Fingers’ signature Kimslaw, made with their homemade kimchi mixed with Mayonnaise, creating a harmonious balance of flavors and textures.

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Drumsticks rice box

Each bite of chicken paired with the teriyaki sauce-drenched rice was an aromatic and delicious experience.

The Chicc Katsu Sandwich came with three pieces of Wingette or Drumette, stuffed in a golden-browned bun along with a large piece of fried chicken, and a generous amount of Kimslaw, offering a rich taste and texture with every bite.

Chicc katsu sandwich

Equally Impressive Sides

And what’s fast food without fries? We ordered the Cheesy Loaded Fries, a unique take by 4Fingers that included the usual cheese sauce but went a step further by adding chicken pieces and crispy bites.

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Cheesy loaded fries

To somewhat balance our meat-heavy meal, we added Fried Kimchi Mushroom to our order. Made with oyster mushrooms, fried until dry, crisp, and seasoned with kimchi powder, they were an excellent snack option.

Fried kimchi mushroom

Overall Verdict

Feeding a group of us, this array of dishes left us all very satisfied and happily full.

Overall, the Crispy Fish Burger and Golden Sea Fingers from 4Fingers are definitely worth trying. Are you tempted to try it out? Act fast, as these are Limited Time Offers not to be missed!

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