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“We can see the end of the tunnel now.” Patients in Serdang quarantine centers drop significantly

A new hope?

It has been an uphill battle against the COVID-19 pandemic for Malaysians, as news of overcrowded quarantine centers and hospitals hits the headlines every day.

Read about COVID-19 patient overcrowd Serdang hospital here:

However, after months of nationwide locking down, Public Health Malaysia has brought forth a piece of good news.

A photo from the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS), which is currently operating as a quarantine center, shows that many beds are emptied and ready to host another patient.

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"we can see the end of the tunnel now. " patients in serdang quarantine centers drop significantly.
Empty beds can be seen in MAEPS (Photo via SinChew Daily)

Yesterday (August 25), Public Health Malaysia has published a Facebook post verifying the photo is legitimate and accurately reflects the situation of MAEPS.

In addition to the empty bed, patients who need oxygen supply also decreased.

In the post, Public Health Malaysia thanks everyone that abide by the SOPs and put effort to protect themselves.

“It is still too early to relax, but with the combined effort and support from everyone, we are starting to see the end of the tunnel.”

Read the full post here:

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Meanwhile, other COVID-19 Assessment Centre (CAC) is also showing signs of slowing down.

Watch the video here:

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Cover Images via SinChew Daily

Author: Raymond Chen
Proofreader: Sarah Yeoh