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We Asked 5 M’sians What They’d Like To Change About The Country. Here’s What They Said

Let's hear it.
No matter how patriotic we applaud ourselves to be, there is always an urge for the betterment of your motherland which comes with the love you have for it.

Seeking change in our country doesn’t diminish the love we have. Instead, it reflects the aspiration for progress.

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Dataran merdeka
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That being said, we acknowledge that no country is perfect. While there are wonderful things to love about Malaysia, there are also areas where we wish it was different.

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Grab your tea as we asked five Malaysians to spill their guts (not literally of course) on what they would change about their homeland if they had the chance.

We asked 5 m'sians what they'd like to change about the country. Here's what they said | weirdkaya
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1. Reduce traffic jams

Traffic jam in kl
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The first person we talked to expressed his dissatisfaction with increased traffic congestion in Kuala Lumpur. While this isn’t something new for KL natives, it’s still very annoying.

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I want KL to be more walkable and have efficient and extensive public transport that covers many areas which will reduce the amount of cars on the road. 

“Travelling everyday and getting stuck in traffic jams is making KL more unattractive to both locals and tourists. Just imagine if major areas were walkable, how nice would it be? But of course, I can only imagine for now.”

2. Stronger currency

Malaysian ringgit
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Making the local currency stronger is harder than it may seem, but who doesn’t love the idea of having a currency so stable that citizens don’t have to worry about forking out extra cash when shopping?

For this Malaysian, she wishes to see the Ringgit recover to its former glory so that locals local can travel overseas without worrying about the exchange rate.

Most importantly, stronger Ringgit means that iPhones will be cheaper too!”, she quipped.

3. Prioritise critical thinking at schools

Computer lab at a school in malaysia
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We all remember our schooling days and those fun times we had with our friends. But, let’s not forget the studying we had to do.

And all the kids born in 1999 would know all about it, they experienced the change from PMR to PT3 and examinations asking more KBAT (out-of-the-box questions). However, this Malaysian thinks there’s more to just cramming textbook material.

I feel the education system puts students in a box and diminishes their ability to think critically. Thus, they need to be encouraged to be bolder in expressing their views and be open to new ideas.

4. Increase the basic salary to RM2,000

Stack of rm100 notes
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With inflation hitting unprecedented levels, it’s no wonder many Malaysians are struggling to get by with their earnings, which is especially harder for those living in big cities.

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Currently, the minimum salary set by the government is RM1,500 per month, but one Malaysian feels this is way too little and has been repeatedly abused by unscrupulous employers to squeeze workers dry.

We can’t do anything with a salary less than RM2,000 in KL. Everything is getting expensive!

“As such, I believe the minimum wage needs to be increased to at least RM2,000 for fresh graduates to sustain themselves.”

5. Make tertiary education free for all

Dewan canselor universiti malaya convocation ceremony
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Everyone dreams of pursuing their academic dreams, but more often than not, many have found themselves drowning in debt while doing so.

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For this Malaysian, she wants to see tertiary education being made free for all, which will be of huge benefit particularly for the underprivileged.

“Every person should be granted the opportunity to pursue higher education without worrying about the financial aspect.

I want free education for all, specifically tertiary education as it can be very expensive. If not, where would the people who can’t afford it go?

What would you change about Malaysia if you had the chance? Let us know in the comments!

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