I Went To Delhi For 2 Weeks And It Has Made Me Deeply Grateful To Be A Malaysian

He travelled 5 hours refusing to consume water or food from the street stalls.

In the heart of Southeast Asia lies a country known for its diverse cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and warm hospitality – Malaysia.

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Growing up amidst its vibrant tapestry of life, Malaysians often find themselves captivated by the allure of foreign lands, sometimes overlooking the hidden treasures that their own country holds.

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A moment of realisation

When our thoughts wander to foreign lands, it’s easy to get lost in visions of stunning beaches and mountains.

Krishnan, a 60-year-old, found himself in a state of disbelief as he confronted the realities of Delhi, India.

Eager to immerse himself in a pilgrimage of temples, Krishnan and his wife set their sights on India, a land steeped in history of the Hindu deities.

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During a conversation with WeirdKaya, Krishnan pointed out that, for various reasons, Malaysia falls short in comparison to Delhi.

The dark side of Delhi

Shoplots with people in delhi walking here an there
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In Malaysia, Krishnan enjoys street food without worry, but in Delhi, he was forced to be more cautious. “The cleanliness could be better,” he says, though he still finds Delhi’s unique charm captivating

“Delhi is rich in color, diversity and history, with it’s progressing development over the years due to focused leadership from India’s Prime Minister, Modi.”

Krishnan was mainly disappointed with the cleanliness of Delhi’s street stalls, suggesting they could be more tourist-friendly.

While many visitors relish the local street food, he believes that the risk of digestive issues isn’t worth the culinary adventure.

Additionally, while Malaysia’s street stalls may occasionally have issues like lizards or cockroaches rotting in the food , such incidents are relatively rare.

In contrast, Krishnan observed that rats frequently roam behind Delhi’s street food vendors.

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Love for Malaysia is never ending

“Well, my beloved country, Malaysia, the people, the food, the transportation should be much appreciated by fellow Malaysians for it’s true beauty. What a country it is!”

Krishnan also mentioned that Delhi has a high incidence of pickpocketing, which he believes is tied to the city’s large population and fewer job prospects. In Malaysia, he feels safer and attributes this to more abundant employment opportunities.

While traveling with his wife, she was pickpocketed at a night market. Fortunately, the bag that was stolen contained only Rs 1000 and none of their important documents, sparing them from a potentially more serious loss.

The strap of his wife’s bag was neatly cut, making it easy for the pickpocket to snatch it away. “In the midst of the bustling crowd, it’s really difficult to even notice you’re being pickpocketed,” he said.

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Living in the streets is normalised

In the interview with WeirdKaya, Krishnan shared his concern about seeing families in Delhi living openly on the streets.

Roadside homeless people's stuffs scattered around everywhere
Provided to WeirdKaya

He contrasted this with the situation in Malaysia, where, although homelessness exists, it is less common to see people setting up makeshift homes in the middle of busy thoroughfares.

In Malaysia, the manageable population size makes it easier for disadvantaged individuals to find work through e-hailing services like Grab and FoodPanda.

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These platforms offer job opportunities to those who might otherwise struggle to find employment, contributing to a reduction in crime rates in the country.

‘Traffic congestion in Malaysia isn’t that bad’

“After coming back to Malaysia, the traffic didn’t seem that bad after all, the beautiful greenery made me feel home, the food made my belly finally at ease, I was home, finally” Krishnan expressed why Malaysia is just beautiful in it’s own way.

Provided to WeirdKaya

The 60-year-old had an eye opening experience in Delhi, India after all those years he spent in Malaysia. He explained that the sound pollution in India is unbearable. With constant honking noise on the road, it is definitely an experience for a tourist.

Horses, a motor filled with 5 people with kids and more. Bizarre things happen on the roads of Delhi. It is not bad but it’s certainly not safe.

“In Malaysia, I can sit in my car and enjoy music even in traffic, and that might be the extent of my complaints. But in India, the noise level from the constant honking is easily 10 times worse.”

He further highlighted that the cultural differences are definitely there, but instead of romanticising other countries, start looking at the positivites surrounded here in Malaysia for it’s unexpectional beauty.

“I love my country, the people, the food. Nothing beats Malaysia, even if I was in Europe countries, I wouldn’t look down on Malaysia”

Despite its imperfections, Krishnan doesn’t regret his trip to Delhi for a moment. He finds the city’s unique beauty irreplaceable, particularly enchanted by its rich history as manifest in its temples and deities.

For him, these elements serve as living proof of a culture and heritage that leave a lasting impression.

Thank you, Delhi

Msian man takes a selfie with taj mahal at delhi, india
Provided to WeirdKaya

As a Malaysian Indian, visiting the Taj Mahal was a dream come true for Krishnan. Experiencing one of the Seven Wonders of the World first-hand, he felt it fully lived up to its global acclaim and was a highlight in a journey that connected him to his cultural roots.

“Thanks Delhi, for letting me experience you spritually and physically.”

Krishnan is grateful for being able to live in Delhi for two weeks which allowed him to see Malaysia from a different perspective. He even mentioned how he travelled 2 hours from the airport after coming back from India, just to have a nice cup of Teh Tarik and a Roti Canai.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the interviewee’s own and does not purport to reflect the opinions or views of WeirdKaya.


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