Watsons Malaysia Hits A Milestone With 700th Store At KSL Esplanade Mall

Leading health and beauty retailer celebrates milestone achievement and focuses on customer needs and environmental responsibility.

Watsons Malaysia has successfully expanded its operations despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, increasing its number of outlets from 535 in 2019 to 700 stores at present.

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The loyalty program has also experienced growth, with the number of members rising from 5.7 million in 2019 to 7.2 million, signifying the addition of 1.5 million new members in a short span of time. This expansion has resulted in significant double-digit sales growth this year.

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Inauguration of Watsons’ 700th store at KSL Esplanade Mall

Dominic lai at watsons 700th store ksl esplanade mall press conference
Photo from WeirdKaya

During the inauguration of the new Watsons store in Kuala Lumpur, Dominic Lai, Group Managing Director of A.S. Watson Group, expressed gratitude to business partners, customers, and employees for their unwavering support and loyalty.

As one of our fastest-growing markets in Asia, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Watsons’ 700th store in Malaysia. Watsons will continue to develop and adapt to being the leading retailer in health and beauty products to fulfil customers’ shifting needs and achieve excellence in offering an unmatched O+O customer experience. We will continue this growth path with our customers and build an improved tomorrow for all of us together with an unwavering sense of purpose and a commitment to ensuring that our customers Look Good, Do Good, and Feel Great.

Strategic location and improved shopping experience in Klang

The 700th Watsons store, located in Klang, is situated within the KSL Esplanade Mall, one of the largest malls in the area, covering approximately 4,144 square feet.

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Ksl esplanade mall
Photo via The Star

This strategic expansion allows Watsons to better cater to the needs of the local community in Klang and provide a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience for its valued customers.

Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia, reflected on the remarkable journey of Watsons Malaysia in the retail industry, spanning 29 years.

Dominic lai  and caryn low at watsons 700th store ksl esplanade mall press conference
Photo from WeirdKaya

She stated: “It has been an incredible 29 years since Watsons Malaysia first entered the retail industry, and throughout this journey, we have accomplished numerous milestones and established ourselves as the No. 1 retail brand among customers. The grand opening of Watsons Malaysia’s 700th store serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to making our products and services easily accessible to our valued customers and members within their local neighborhoods.”

Integration of offline and online shopping channels

The new store integrates offline and online shopping, offering customers the convenience of multiple channels. QR codes are strategically placed throughout the store to provide additional information and promotions.

Watsons 700th store ksl esplanade mall  plastered with qr codes for easy access
Photo from WeirdKaya
Watsons 700th store ksl esplanade mall  - haircare section
Photo from WeirdKaya

The store features the latest G9 concept, offering a wide range of exclusive products and services to cater to diverse customer preferences. Unique services include an innovative Style Me feature counter with augmented reality technology, a dedicated express lane for privileged members, and self-checkout options.

Watsons also introduces the e-Stamp area, allowing customers to collect stamps and redeem exclusive items.

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Sustainability and exclusive product offerings

The store places importance on sustainability, providing a refill station and collaborating with a recycling program. They offer an extensive selection of products, including exclusive brands and merchandise.

Watsons 700th store ksl esplanade mall  - refill station
Photo from WeirdKaya

It also showcases the W Table, featuring new and exclusive K-Beauty products, and a dedicated Hair Care pillar. Comprehensive pharmaceutical services, beauty tools, confectionery, and household products are also available.

Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia, stated: “Watsons strives to stay current with market trends while providing our consumers with a convenient, value-added shopping experience because consumer demand is continuously changing.”

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Recognition of Watsons’ popularity and success

The company’s consistent popularity was recognized by winning the Platinum award in the retail category at the annual Putra Brand Awards for the ninth consecutive year since 2014, which is based on consumer votes.

Watsons putra brand awards - platinum 2022
Photo via A.S Watson Group

For more information, visit the Watsons website or get daily highlights from Watsons Malaysia Facebook and Instagram.


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