Water Pours Into LRT Train Carriage Due To Heavy Rain, Turning It Into A Wet Ride

LRT water theme park?
A recent video circulating on social media shows a significant amount of water gushing into the carriage of an LRT train through a leak.

Shared by 颗粒蒙奇闪 on Xiaohongshu, the 4-second video shows how the water pours into the carriage like a waterfall.

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Water pouring into lrt
Image via XHS/颗粒蒙奇闪

Turned into a waterfall in an instant

In an interview with WeirdKaya, the passenger who posted the video recounted the experience.

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She said the incident occurred around 4:40 pm as she was returning home from school on the Kelana Jaya Line.

Initially, there was a minor leak at University Station that caused small traces of water on the floor.

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Water leakage
Image via XHS/颗粒蒙奇闪

However, the situation quickly escalated as water began to pour in rapidly.

“Luckily, no one was directly underneath, or they would have been soaking wet,” she noted.

Not during peak hour

She also mentioned the potential chaos if the incident had happened during rush hour, stating,

“Imagine if it happens when the train is packed like sardines; there would be nowhere to run.”

In the video, a few passengers appeared startled and moved away, but most remained calm and seated. The netizen said she left shortly after and did not witness the aftermath.

Woman running away from the pouring water in lrt
Image via XHS/颗粒蒙奇闪

Netizens’ reaction

Since the video was published on XiaoHongShu, it has sparked a flurry of comments from Malaysians.

Many expressed their astonishment, while others humorously referred to it as the train’s new “waterfall” feature.

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Watch the video here:

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