Viral Video Shows Man Dressed As ‘Elmo’ Mascot Beating Man Near Mall In Melaka

The victim was seen bleeding due to the assault.
Mascots are usually goofy and cute, but this one doesn’t quite fit the image we’re used to.

Yesterday (May 14), a video went viral showing a shocking incident involving an individual dressed in an ‘Elmo’ costume assaulting a man on the sidewalk of a local shopping mall.

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Reported by Kosmo!, the clip shows the individual in the ‘Elmo’ costume punching the victim in the face, causing it to bleed, before being confronted by bystanders.

Man in elmo costume punching victim outside a mall
Photo via Kosmo!

The violent outburst caught the attention of passersby, who then intervened to stop the fight.

The ‘Elmo’ man claimed that his actions were in self-defense, alleging that the victim had first punched him in the stomach, prompting his aggressive response.

However, the video appears to have been removed by the op.

No report has been filed

As of now, the police have not received any reports regarding the incident.

Melaka Tengah District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Christopher Patit, stated, “We will first check whether the video is old or new. If it is a recent incident, we will file a report so that appropriate action can be taken.”

Melaka tengah district police chief, assistant commissioner christopher patit
Photo via Malaysia Gazette

Just a quick reminder: It’s important for everyone to remember that violence is never a solution to any problem.


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