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Brawl Erupts Among Hawkers At Penang, Leaves Woman Bruised & Bleeding

Red vs Blue, seen this somewhere before.
An intense fight erupted at a local hawker center in Bukit Mertajam, where a man in blue was seen fighting with a group of men and women wearing red.

The scuffle led to a tense atmosphere, with a female vendor reporting she was kicked in the stomach, causing her to bleed. The reason behind the fight is still unclear, as only video snippets of the incident have been made available online.

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In one of the videos, which was uploaded to the Facebook page Penang 大路后, a woman can be seen trying to attack the man in blue with a chair but ends up falling.

Fighting at penang bukit mertajam hawker center (1)
Image via Penang 大路后

The footage revealed a clear divide between the two factions: the larger group dressed in red and the solitary figure in blue, surrounded by people attempting to break up the fight. It appears that the individuals in red, who are fellow vendors at the Bukit Mertajam food center, outnumbered the man in blue.

According to comments from the online community, the man in blue runs a noodle soup stall, while the individuals in red are known for selling fried noodles and syrupy drinks.

“Man in blue started the fight”

In the comment session, a female vendor involved in the incident recounted that the man in blue had initially bumped into her and later escalated the situation by throwing hot water at her, prompting her husband to intervene.

Fighting at penang bukit mertajam hawker center (3)
Image via Penang 大路后

She also shared photos of her injuries online, including severe bruising and bleeding, and claimed that a medical examination confirmed she had sustained damage to her uterus from the altercation.

Woman injured from the fight
Image via Penang 大路后

Speaking to WeirdKaya, May Teoh, who was involved in the fight, claimed that they were just trying to defend themselves.

“My family and I were just trying to defend ourselves and prevent him from further hurting our parents.”

However, she is currently unable to disclose more about the incident.

“We can’t disclose too much as we have made a police report and it is currently under investigation.”

The other side of the story

In the comments section, netizens are supporting both sides; however, the majority seem to have a good impression of the noodle soup owner.

Many claimed that the hawker wearing blue is usually very polite and good-tempered, suggesting there must have been a reason to trigger the fight.

Comment saying uncle in blue is a polite person
Screenshot via Penang 大路后

However, netizens also pointed out that the uncle had injured other people, including the elderly.

“He pushed the aunty. The aunty was just trying to protect the other man.”

“He also pushed another woman towards the gas tank.”

He pushed the aunty
Screenshot via Penang 大路后
The aunty was trying to defend her family
Screenshot via Penang 大路后

“You should seek monetary compensation from his family and ask them to control their family member.”

Brawl erupts among hawkers at penang, leaves woman bruised & bleeding | weirdkaya

Watch the full video here:

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