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Viral Video Shows Mamak Staff Serve Customers Calmly Even While The Kitchen Catches Fire

Mamak so chill la~
The staff at the Mamak restaurant here appeared to take their motto, “Keep going no matter what,” quite seriously.

A video went viral recently showing Mamak restaurant staffs serving customers as usual, even though their kitchen was on fire.

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It was surprising to see how chill they were, not a single one freaking out about the flames.

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Fire spreading at mamak restuarant
Screenshot via TikTok/@aldi87816

‘The show must go on’

Shared by a TikTok user, @aldi87816, the clips showed what was happening at the Mamak restaurant.

“I thought they were playing with fire near the kitchen. Apparently, it really caught fire,” the OP wrote in the video.

In the first clip, while the OP was talking about the fire at the restaurant, a Mamak staff member was seen casually serving thosai to one of their customers sitting outside.

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Mamak staff serving customer
Screenshot via TikTok/@aldi87816

However, the fire wasn’t clear as only smoke was coming out of the place at that moment.

Smoke coming out from mamak restuarant
Screenshot via TikTok/@aldi87816

The fire start to spread

In the second clip, the fire spread quickly, leaving both customers and staff feeling tense due to the dangerous situation.

Some customers urged the staff to extinguish the fire using water and wet cloths, while others quickly moved away from the danger, including their parked motorcycles.

Msian moving his motorbike from the fire incident place
Screenshot via TikTok/@aldi87816

Speaking exclusively to WeirdKaya, the OP mentioned that fire brought under control within 5 minutes with the use of fire extinguishers. The OP also reassured that no one was harmed during the fire incident.

Smoke coming out form the restaurant
Screenshot via TikTok/@aldi87816

The OP said that this incident occurred at Restoran Asik Maju in Taman Tasik Semenyih and the video has since gone viral, garnering over 1.2 million views.

Here is the full video:

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