M’sian Man Orders Roti Pisang At Mamak, Gets Served A Piece Of Bread & Banana Instead

What if I order a roti bom?
During an everyday mamak meal, a man requested a “Roti Pisang” only to be humorously served with a slice of bread and a banana, sparking laughter across the internet.

The amusing incident was captured and published in a pair of videos by @mimi_hana22, which quickly circulated on TikTok.

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This comical mix-up occurred in Kuala Lumpur on the 28th, drawing widespread amusement online. Initially seeking the traditional “Roti Pisang,” the customer was met with an unexpected twist when, instead of the roti, he was presented with just bread and a banana.

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Roti pisang become roti dan pisang
Image via @mimi_hana22

How the humor unfold

The first clip showed the man placing his order at a mamak eatery — a banana pancake, along with iced tea and a fried egg, which the staff member noted with apparent diligence.

Order roti
Image via @mimi_hana22

Yet, the humor unfolded in the second video, where the staff returned not with the pancake, but with a piece of bread and a banana on a sauce-dipping plate.

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Puzzled, the customer repeatedly inquired, “What is this?” only to receive the confident response, “Roti Pisang.”

Unable to contain his laughter, the man pointed out the mistake but eventually took the plate, amiably accepting the mix-up with a resigned “Okay… okay!” His friend’s off-camera agreement, “Okay then,” added to the light-hearted moment.

Other combination

The viral video prompted an array of reactions from netizens, with some quipping that this was indeed a literal interpretation of “banana bread.”

Others humorously speculated about ordering items like “Roti Kosong” (plain bread), wondering if the latter might result in an empty plate being served.

Roti kosong comment

There were also playful suggestions for the man to experiment by ordering “Roti Tisu” (tissue bread), “Roti Kahwin” (married bread), and even “Roti Bom” (bomb bread) to see the outcome.

Roti pisang comment

The precise details regarding when and where the video was filmed remain uncertain, leaving the nature of the event—whether it was a genuine misunderstanding or a staged joke—up for debate.

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Watch the full video here:



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