View Chin Reveals Divorce Certificate Amid Cheating Scandal, Claims Full Custody of 3 Children

He said he hasn't restricted his ex-wife from visiting them, although he has custody of the children.

Internet celeb View Chin, who’s been embroiled in a juicy cheating scandal, whipped out his divorce certificate tonight to show the world that he and his ex-wife Shermine have long parted ways and he holds full custody of their three children.

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In an Instagram post tonight, View Chin shared that although he has custody of the children, he hasn’t restricted his ex-wife from visiting them.

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The decision to divorce was mutually agreed upon, but he hasn’t seen the children for six days and remains unaware of their whereabouts.

In his post, View Chin expressed gratitude to those who supported him during this challenging time, promising to reciprocate their kindness. He has maintained silence on the matter to avoid airing his personal issues on social media, leaving the court to resolve the situation.

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He thanked everyone who offered advice and guidance, committing to focus on his business and team. View Chin said he won’t abandon his team and promises to bounce back for his fans, clients, team, and company.

He also acknowledged the scandal has impacted many people and expressed appreciation for those who stood by him during his lowest point. He is grateful and will reciprocate their support. In conclusion, he stated, “View Chin won’t remain down forever.”


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