UUM Student Shocked To Find 10 Stray Cats Dead From Poisoning At Hostel

Their food was later found to be mixed with rat poison.
In a shocking case of animal abuse, a student at Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) was shocked to find a total of 10 stray cats allegedly poisoned by an unknown individual at the hostel.

Taking to Twitter to express his horror over the incident, user @AzhreenShaari wrote that a total of nine cat carcasses were found at the hostel on Wednesday (June 28).

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Accompanying the distressing post were also clips showing four cats convulsing violently on the ground and inside the drain before passing away.

He also wrote that all nine stray cats were found to have displayed similar symptoms and had eaten from the same bowl, where their food was discovered to have been laced with rat poison.

The student called upon the university to take action, writing: “Where is humanity? We urge UUM to take immediate action.”

Not the first time

One UUM student named Syafiq Aiman spoke to MalaysiaGazette about the incident and said that it wasn’t the first time stray cats had been subjected to such cruelty.

He also told the Malay daily that another case of cat poisoning had occurred years ago but admitted it wasn’t as bad.

In addition to the nine cats, another died after spending several agonising minutes convulsing on the floor before it died.

While UUM has yet to issue a public statement over the matter, MalaysiaGazette reported that it’s currently being investigated by the university’s Safety Department.

Netizens mourn cats’ death

News of the stray cats’ painful death tore the hearts of netizens, who took to Twitter to mourn their passing.

They also added that the cats were generally loved by students and couldn’t imagine who would do such a thing to them.

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Screenshot via Twitter
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Screenshot via Twitter

Under the Animal Welfare Act of 2015, those found guilty of animal abuse face a fine of up to RM100,000, an imprisonment of up to three years, or both.

We hope the culprit is caught and duly punished for harming these precious furbabies!


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