Dog Gets Dragged Behind A Lorry In Serdang, Netizens Demand Action & Justice For It

There has been a spate in animal abuse cases, where innocent creatures are subjected to inhumane treatment and cruelty such as the high-profile case of a dog being set on fire by a teen in Johor.

In yet another case of animal abuse, a photo showing a dog being tied and dragged behind a lorry has recently made rounds on social media, much to the anger of netizens.

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Dog gets dragged behind a lorry

The incident was first brought to light by a veterinarian Salehatul Khuzaimah M Ali (@dr.ima_vet) on Instagram yesterday, where she expressed horror over the photo.

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I received this heartbreaking photo from someone in one of my WhatsApp groups. It happened in Serdang Jaya, on 26/4/2023 at 6am.

“From the photo, it’s not known whether the dog was still alive or not at the time of the incident, nor can it be confirmed whether the act was intentional or not,” she wrote.

Salehatul added that she tried to give the lorry driver a benefit of the doubt as he might not be aware that the dog was tied to the back of the vehicle.

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Netizens outraged

In the comment section, netizens were horrified by the act of animal cruelty and called for stern action to be taken against those responsible for it.

“I’m boiling. What’s wrong with humans nowadays.”

Dog gets dragged behind a lorry in serdang, netizens demand action & justice for it comment 1
Screenshot via Instagram/@dr.ima_vet

“What did these animals do to deserve such treatment? Why us humans are worst than animals?”

Dog gets dragged behind a lorry in serdang, netizens demand action & justice for it comment 2
Screenshot via Instagram/@dr.ima_vet

Some also tagged the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) in the comment section and called upon them to bring the perpetrator to justice.

Dog gets dragged behind a lorry in serdang, netizens demand action & justice for it comment 3
Screenshot via Instagram/@dr.ima_vet

Meanwhile, an animal rights group named Persatuan Haiwan Terbiar Malaysia (SAFM) has also responded to the incident in a Facebook post, where it wrote it had received multiple complaints about it through its public hotline.

It also added that based on the photo, it was highly likely that the dog was tortured to death before being dragged.

“Those found guilty of torturing animals can face charges under the Animal Welfare Act 2015, where it carries an imprisonment term of up to two years, a maximum fine of RM100,000 or both if found guilty.

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“SAFM hopes that appropriate action will be taken against those who abuse or mistreat animals,” it wrote.

The organisation also urged eyewitnesses to lodge a report with the Veterinary Department and called upon the relevant authorities to investigate.

Days ago, a Malaysian lorry driver was sent to jail in Singapore for smuggling 26 dogs and a cat into the city-island:

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