US Couple Doesn’t Shower For 3 Days During M’sia Trip As They Felt The Water Was ‘Yellow’

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As Malaysians, the one thing we can’t never run away from is the fact that it’s sunny and humid almost the entire year, causing us to sweat buckets even when there’s a fan blasting away.

A foreign couple from the US recently had one of their old TikTok videos going viral after it was revealed that they didn’t shower for three days straight while vacationing in Penang and travelling to Langkawi.

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Us couple didn't shower for 3 days
Screenshot via TikTok/@claireandpeter

US couple doesn’t shower for 3 days over ‘yellow’ water

In the 1-minute clip shared by the couple on their TikTok account (@claireandpeter) back in May 2023, it began with them admitting that they didn’t hit the shower for three consecutive days.

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The reason? They felt icky over the “yellow water” they had at the hotel’s bathroom, presumably to avoid contracting water-borne diseases caused by less-than-pristine water.

'yellow water' found at us couple's hotel in m'sia
Screenshot via TikTok/@claireandpeter

In the clip, the couple said they nearly missed their bus to the Penang mainland to catch the ferry from Penang to Langkawi as they “waited somewhere (they) weren’t supposed to wait” and got picked up from the roadside in the end.

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Before boarding the ferry, they stopped by for a meal at a fast food restaurant and reached Langkawi after a 1.5 hour ferry ride.

However, instead of showering upon reaching the hotel, the couple plopped themselves onto the bed as, in their own words, “because that’s life”.

Us couple lay on the bed at langkawi hotel
Screenshot via TikTok/@claireandpeter

As this point, we can’t help but to feel sorry for the passengers on the bus and ferry as well as the hotel staff who had to endure the couple’s overpowering body odour.

‘That’s disgusting!’

The video later found its way to X (formerly Twitter), where it was shared by a netizen named @sicklepissy who found the couple’s actions repulsive.

Not showering in MALAYSIA, in the NORTH no less, for 3 DAYS, GOING OUT IN PUBLIC AND EATING KFC, is absolutely f***ing crazy and disgusting. And Malaysians say white ppl smell good and Banglas smell bad no f***ing way…

Other netizens also called out the couple for their lack of hygiene just because they wanted to avoid “yellow” water.

‘Is it really that hard to take a shower?’

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Us couple doesn't shower for 3 days during m'sia trip as they felt the water was 'yellow' comment 1
Screenshot via X/@sicklepissy

‘That yellow water is more fresh than you. Just use it and shower already.’

Us couple doesn't shower for 3 days during m'sia trip as they felt the water was 'yellow' comment 2
Screenshot via X/@sicklepissy

‘I’m sorry but if I see these white people, I’ll cover my nose and stop breathing. That smell of theirs can’t even be covered with the rubbish truck’s.’

Us couple doesn't shower for 3 days during m'sia trip as they felt the water was 'yellow' comment 3
Screenshot via X/@sicklepissy

Watch the video here:

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excited to check out langkawi!!!!!!!

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