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UK TikToker Confirms That Chicken Chop Belongs To M’sia, Not The West

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Chicken chop is a favorite among many locals, especially when we crave Western food. Little did you know, it’s not Western cuisine at all—it’s one of our Malaysian dishes!

A recent TikTok video, posted by a British man @greggetseverywhere, sheds light on the origins of chicken chop, clarifying that it’s not a Western dish but rather another Malaysian cuisine created by locals.

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It was created right here in Malaysia. I don’t blame Malaysians for thinking that it is a Western dish. It looks like a western dish, it is not typically the kind of dish you would find in this part of the world, and, of course, it is on the western menu when you go to a restaurant.

He explains in detail

Back in the day, the Hainanese community, finding themselves last in line for jobs dominated by other Chinese groups, turned to what they could do best: cooking.

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British man who told chicken chop is a malaysian food
Screenshot via TikTok/@greggetseverywhere

They mixed local ingredients with British influences to create something both groups would love. The result? A crumbed chicken thigh, beautifully fried or grilled, in a tangy brown gravy spiked with Worcestershire sauce, and served with veggies and potatoes.

This dish was their way of making a culinary mark, blending East with West on a single plate.

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Chicken chop
Photo via Canva

“They started making Western-style meals for the British in Malaysia, and chicken chop was one of their creations,” he said. It even had Worcestershire sauce. It was made to suit Western tastes, but it’s not a Western dish.

Netizens were too stunned to speak

Screenshot via TikTok/@greggetseverywhere

‘Thank you.. 34 years I’ve been lied to’ said a viewer.

Screenshot via TikTok/@greggetseverywhere

‘Many many many years passed, just learned about this!, thank you’

Screenshot via TikTok/@greggetseverywhere

‘I never knew about this until now. Mind blown’

You may watch the video here:

@greggetseverywhere Replying to @mulkan I’ve realised a lot of people don’t know that chicken chop is Malaysian! #food #foodtok #malaysianfood #malaysia ♬ original sound – Greg Larcombe


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